Why Tennis Is The Best Sport?


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world today. From Europe to Asia, America to Africa, it attracts players as well as audiences all around the globe. It is also equally entertaining to watch, as tennis matches are full of action, drama, and amazing intensity Tennis players. So, names like Federer, Nadal, and Sharapova are treated as global icons. In this article, we bring you the various reasons that make tennis the best sport in the world.

Great Health Benefits Of This Best Sport

You can consider tennis as a complete game. It boosts your physical as well as mental health. The forehands and the backhands that you are serving can be wonderful for your muscle development, flexibility, and intense physical training.

Also, tennis requires focus, accuracy, and laser-sharp mental calculation. As famous American tennis player Chris Evert put it, ‘’to succeed in the game of tennis, you need to have tunnel vision and immense concentration, that will come handy in other aspects of your life too’’.

Tennis And Life Connection

Why Tennis Is The Best Sport?
Why Tennis Is The Best Sport?

To be on a tennis court for hours for an intense match, one needs more than just physical fitness and mental toughness. You should have dogged determination, an absolute will to win, and a great work ethic to finish the game.

Tennis is an individual sport, and unlike other team sports, there is no backup. When you go on a court, all the responsibility is on your shoulders. As they say, ‘’on a tennis court you are your own coach and mentor’’. Hence, tennis teaches you a sense of responsibility, fighting instinct, and the ability to concentrate at each moment. These are extremely handy life lessons for everyone, be it a kid, a teenager, or an adult.

Variety Of This One Of The Best Sport

Tennis has more variety than most of the games. You can play it in the form of singles, doubles as well as mixed doubles. The game is equally popular among men as well as women.  Also, people of all ages can play tennis, from teens to senior persons. Therefore, the game offers something for everybody.

Tennis is one of the first professional sports which showed equal respect for both men and women. All major tennis tournaments, like Grand Slams, Masters 1000 tournaments, are held in both ladies and gentlemen’s section. Tennis also took this sense of equality to another level, by advocating and announcing equal prize money for both men and women in major tournaments.

A Truly Global Sport

Why Tennis Is The Best Sport?
Why Tennis Is The Best Sport?

The game of tennis ranks extremely high in the list of globally popular sports. It was earlier considered to be a ‘’European Sport’’, but today tennis is truly a global sport. You can find The Grand Slams in Australia, the United States, France, and Britain. The other big tournaments, like Masters 1000, ATP 500 Tournaments and WTA Premier Events, are held in many countries of the globe.

You can play tennis on a variety of surfaces. From the French Open which is on slow red clay, to Wimbledon which is on the green grass. Furthermore, plays can be on hard courts to carpet courts. Hence, tennis is like life, full of variety. This is why many people regard tennis as the truly best sport.