Wimbledon Tennis championships

Wimbledon Tennis- The Origin Of Lawn Tennis

The Wimbledon tennis championships are the oldest and the most famous tennis tournaments in the world. The first Wimbledon tournament was played 125 years ago in 1877. Since then, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London organizes the Championships. They take place for over two weeks usually at the end of June to early July.

The Origin Of Lawn Tennis:

Wimbledon is the only one out of the four major annual tennis tournaments known as the ‘Grand Slams,’ played on grass. The name lawn tennis originated due to this very reason. It is also a fact that grass provides the fastest game of tennis by providing better court to players. Of the other three, the Australian Open and the US Open are both played on hard courts, and the French Open, on a clay court.

Wimbledon Tennis- The Origin Of Lawn Tennis
Wimbledon Tennis- The Origin Of Lawn Tennis


After the completion of the five significant competitions, the winners receive traditional Wimbledon trophies.

The previous trophies, namely the Field Cup and the Challenge Cup were replaced in 1883 and 1886 respectively. After that, the All England Club made it clear that thewimbledon tennis championship winners would receive a replica trophy.

They keep the original ones in the Wimbledon museum.

The winner of the Gentlemen’s Singles receives a silver-gilt cup of 18.5 inches. It bears the inscription: “All England Lawn Tennis Club Single Handed Championship of the World.”

The Ladies’ Singles champion receives a sterling silver salver known as the “Venus Rosewater Dish.”

Lastly, champions of the Gentlemen’s Doubles, Ladies Doubles, and Mixed Doubles receive Silver Cups.

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Wimbledon Tennis- The Origin Of Lawn Tennis


The AELTC conducts the everyday operations of The wimbledon tennis championships. It is short for All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club.

  The club:

   The AELTC was founded on July 23, 1868, as The All England Croquet Club.

On  August 1, 2011, the AELTC was converted into a private company limited by guarantee. It was named “The All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club Limited.”

Tennis Courts:

The All England Lawn Tennis Ground Limited owns the courts of Wimbledon tennis championships. The courts cover a total area of 42 acres, including the Club’s car parks. Moreover, the entire seating capacity of these courts is of an astonishing 42,000 spectators !!!.

There are a total of 38 grass courts,  20 being grass practice courts, and 18 Championship courts. Also, there are 8 American Clay courts and five indoor courts, two being Greenset Velvelux and three Greenset Trophy courts.

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