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Women love wearing tennis skirts because they can look cute and stylish without being too tight or exposing too much. For professional players, it is important to have the right clothing for the game. The right tennis apparel can be both practical and stylish for the women to wear during competitions. Here are some of the common tennis apparel trends for the women to wear to play the game:

Style A-Line: If you want to have a professional look, go with A-Line tennis skirts. A-Line skirts are fitted in the waist and gradually broaden towards the hem to give them a slightly flared skirt look. This looks like the letter A on the tennis court. To create an A-Line style, one can use vertical stripes that come in various shades and widths. Alternatively, one can match the color of the stripes with the tennis ball. Another alternative is to wear a bold colored stripe along the waistline.

An Overview

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Built-In Short Skorts: Designed to be low cut and comfortable, built-in short tennis skirts are perfect for players who want to stay cool and relaxed during competitions. The most popular types of built-in shorts include the boot cut and skort. Built-in skorts have a built-in drawstring that allows one to adjust the length and the fit of the skirt. The short skirts are made with elastic waistbands and have a natural waistline. One can also try knee-length skirts with elastic bands across the thigh.

Low-cut A-Line Skirts: Built on the same lines as A-Line skirts, low cut tennis skirts have a low cut front. They fit snugly at the waist and have a natural waistline. Women’s tennis skirts vary in length from knee-high to below the knees. They can be easily worn with leggings or trousers.

Women’s Tennis Skirt

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Skirt Blouses: The traditional tennis skirts are usually sleeveless, but today, women are fashion conscious and the skirt blouse is an attractive alternative. The best tennis skirts are the ones that are not too short. Skirt blouses can be easily found in the market. Skirt blouses look good with black, white, grey, or any color.

Tennis Skirts For Different Play Styles: For different styles of playing, the skirts are designed differently. One play type that is popular is the forward smash. In this kind of play, players wear short tennis skirts with an embellished short top. The skirts are generally knee length with no ruffles. These skirts help one avoid bumping into walls during play.

Longer Skirts for Different Ages: For the older tennis players, the best tennis skirts are those that reach the ankles. This is because they do not want to be restricted by the club. Another popular choice among tennis players are knee length skirts. The longer skirt does not impede the player’s movement. It also adds an element of attraction.

Shopping for the best tennis skirts requires some considerations. Before shopping for the skirt, it is necessary to consider the size, color, and design of the outfit. The fabric and construction of the skirt are also important considerations. Cotton is a commonly used fabric for the tennis skirt, but it is important to check its durability. If the desired skirt has a long length, then a player should check the material used for the hemline. Different brands offer different quality and price, therefore it is advisable to shop around for the best tennis skirts.

Bottom Line

For customized skirts, one can get them tailor made. It is important to measure the waist and bust of the wearer, to get the right size. Customized tennis clothing is available in almost every size, style, color, and material. The popular materials include nylon, cotton, polyester, and twill. Nylon and polyester skirts have built-in sleeves.

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